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Mommes, Eh?

By Iris Ma |

What is momme?

Momme is the language of silk. When we talk about cotton bedding, we talk about thread count. When we talk about silk, we talk about momme. We use momme (momme) to measure the density of silk. 

Cut a 100 yards x 45 inch piece and weigh it (we know you won’t). 19 pounds? Then it’s 19 momme. 22 pounds? Well that’s 22 momme. Understanding momme is important when you’re buying silk products, especially if they’re expensive. 

So, the higher, the better? It depends.

It really depends on what you are doing with the silk. While a 16 momme fitted sheet isn’t built to last, a 40 momme silk slip dress would be too stiff for most people (but as a semi-formal cocktail dress it’s good).

As you review the momme weight of a silk item, you need to consider the purpose, the weave, and how you’ll wash it.

Some General Guidelines – Get in the Zone

Face Masks (19-22 momme)

You want your face masks to pass the candle test. The sweet spot is between 19 momme and 22 momme for double layer and triple layer masks. They are tightly woven and still breathable through multiple layers. But for a mask liner used underneath another mask, most prefer a lighter weight silk.

Eye Masks (16-22 momme)

For eye masks, it comes down to personal preference. A lightweight silk has a “light as feather” touch, whereas a dense silk has a buttery soft and supple feel.

Bedding and Pillowcases (22-25 momme)

For bedding, look for 22-25 momme, otherwise, the silk won’t retain its characteristics with repeated machine washing. Silk beddings are pricey. At this momme weight, you’ll be enjoying your sheets and pillowcases for years to come. For those who love silk, anything above 25 momme is pure luxury. Picture above shows a 32-momme-pillowcase.


  • Bonnets: 19-25 momme, considering your hair will rub against them every night and you will most likely pop them in the washing machine. See our guidelines for care to extend the shelf life of your silk items.
  • Scarves: 12-16 momme. You can go a bit higher, if you prefer scarves to wrinkle less and hold their shape.
  • Scrunchies: 22-32 momme, if your hair ties often break and you’ve got a lot of hair. Anything below 19 could fray and tear after a few months of constant stretching.


  • Slip dress, robes, pyjamas: Look for 19-25 momme. Anything below would have a hard time surviving machine washing. You can go higher if you prefer the luxurious feel of denser silk.
  • Shirts, blouses: Typically 19-22 momme. Please note at this density, if you are wearing black bras, they would still show under white silk shirts or blouses (of course, if you are aiming for that chic look, go ahead!) You could go higher, but anything above 30momme would make your shirt feel a bit like…a blazer.
  • Dresses: Depending on the weave, usually 19-22 momme for casual styles. If semi-formal or formal, 22-40 momme.

Until Next Time

These are of course general and subjective views. All silk is not created equal. There are always some silks that don’t follow the rules. Have fun, play with it, and enjoy shopping at our store.

We’d love to hear from you.

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