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We usually take 1-3 business days to ship an order. If you need the product urgently, please call 647-242-6392 or email info@softstrokessilk.com, and we'll see what we can do.

Canadian customers

- Default shipping of our small items* is regular mail (1-2 weeks delivery). - - You can upgrade to Canada Post tracked parcels (5-8 business days) or XPress (3-5 business days) with an extra charge.
- Default shipping of large items** is “Tracked Parcel”. You can upgrade to Xpress (3-5 business days) for an extra charge.
- If needed, we could ship next-day delivery at DHL for you. Additional charges would apply. Please call 647-242-6392 for assistance or email info@softstrokessilk.com.
- Note: if you have both a small item* and a large item** in your cart, the upgrade option won’t load. This is a Shopify tech issue (our shop is powered by Shopify). In this case, please contact us and we’ll let you know the additional charges, which you can e-transfer to us.
US customers
- Default shipping is “Tracked Parcel” by Chit Chats, which takes 1.5-2 weeks. You can upgrade to Canada Post Xpress (about 1 week) at checkout.
- For faster delivery, we can ship via UPS/DHL. Please contact us for a shipping quote.
Customers from other countries
- We use Chit Chats, which normally takes 2-4 weeks. If you'd like to get it faster, please contact us, and we'll get a quote from Canada Post/DHL depending on your required date of delivery.
*Small items include: face masks, scrunchies, eye masks, headbands
**Large items include: everything else

For Canadian customers: We ship smaller items via regular mail without tracking. If you would like to have a tracking code, please choose “Tracked Parcel” when you check out. For larger items, our default shipping is “Tracked Parcel”. You will receive an email with the tracking code once the order is shipped.

For US and International customers: You will receive an email with the tracking code once the order is shipped.

Mistakes happen! Please let us know ASAP once you realize the shipping address is wrong. We can always correct the address or cancel the order if the order hasn't been mailed yet.

Please note that if an order is not marked as "shipped" in the system, it doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been mailed, as our shipping staff mark orders as "shipped" after they return from the post office.

Please call 647-242-6392 for assistance or email info@softstrokessilk.com.

If your order is showing delivered, but you haven't received the parcel, please first check:

- Your mailbox
- Your concierge (if you live in a condo)
- And lastly ask your neighbours if they have received your parcel
US customers who choose default shipping: Chit Chats collaborates with USPS to deliver. Sometimes, USPS marks a parcel as "delivered" 24-48 hours before the delivery happens. Please give it a day or two and see if it's delivered.
All customers who have tracked shipping (CA customers who choose tracked parcel + international customers): feel free to contact local carrier (ex. Canada Post, USPS) to double check.
Otherwise, please message us, and we'll try our best to assist you. Please call 647-242-6392 or email info@softstrokessilk.com for assistance.

We've seen this happen once in a while with all shipping carriers.
In European countries, it is normal to see the status of a shipment not being updated for 1-2 weeks. There's a very good chance that these orders would get moving again. It simply means it's in transit.
CA and US orders: if your order is not moving for 1-2 weeks, it could go either way. It could mean that the shipping carrier is dealing with high volumes, or that the order is lost. Please email info@softstrokessilk.com for assistance.

Most of our items are personalized items and thus cannot be returned. However, if you have received a defective item, please let us know and we’ll try our best to help. Please email info@softstrokessilk.com.

Receipt: Our orders are sent without receipt by default, as a digital order confirmation is sent to your email.
Gift wrapping: This will depend on the item - message us at info@softstrokessilk.com for further details. Please note additional costs may incur.
Card: We can certainly write a card on your behalf. Please put details in the “Comment” section or email us. This doesn’t incur any additional cost.

We are located in Liberty Village in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, so this is only a pickup location. To arrange a pickup, please email us at info@softstrokessilk.com. We don’t have a change room right now but once we have a physical location we will update the site.


Of course! We have an email subscription program. Please subscribe via our NEWSLETTER box at the bottom, and we will make sure you never miss a sale from us. We also offer a coupon to first-time subscribers.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund in this case. To make sure you never miss a sale, please subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll email you each time a sale happens.

It is possible that the coupon you have is expired. Please contact us at info@softstrokessilk.com so we can give you a new coupon if eligible.

Unfortunately, we cannot process credit card payments over the phone, but we can certainly accept an email transfer or cash payment in person. Please contact us at info@softstrokessilk.com for more details.

Shopify only allows one coupon at a time. If you have more than one coupon and they are both active, please use the coupon with the deeper discount to place the order, and email us at info@softstrokessilk.com so we can refund you for the second coupon (unused coupon).


Due to different lighting and screen resolutions, colours can sometimes look different in different pictures. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your laptop or phone screen is 100% the same as the one you see when you hold the item in your hands.

We love custom orders! Most of our products can be customized in size, colour and style. Please visit our Custom Order page to find the product you’d like to customize. Custom orders usually take 4-6 weeks to complete (custom scarves take 6-8 weeks).

Certainly! Please share more information with us at info@softstrokessilk.com. If you have pictures, that’s even better. If you would like us to replicate an item, for example, a vintage dress, you can mail it to us.
Some unique items we have created in the past include hair bows, retro-style lingerie, massage table headrest covers and silk lingerie bags.

Please refer to our size chart (usually the last image in the product listing) to find your size in our system. If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up. You can also order a customized item for a perfect fit.

Sure! You can either order the “Set of 10” custom silk scrunchie and provide the maximum length (when stretched) of the scrunchie, or, if you don’t want to start with a set of 10, email us to find out which silk fabric our tailor is working on at the moment. If she has spare fabric and you like the colour, you can start with one scrunchie.

For bonnets and headbands, we can certainly customize the order for you. We don’t have custom orders open for eye masks at the moment.

We love them both! They are both 100% mulberry silk, but have different textures: - Silk charmeuse: smooth, shiny, cool to the touch, has a little stretch - Knitted silk: slightly textured, subtle shine, very delicate, very stretchy

Our Vin bralettes have a very simple design structure that doesn’t provide enough support for C cups and above, which has been tested by team members with larger cups. If you require a larger cup size, try the Shallan bralettes, which are very friendly to larger cups.

Our bedding is seamless, meaning there is no central seam in the middle of our sheets and duvet covers. To achieve this goal, we must use extra-wide silk fabric, which doesn’t come in many colours. At this time, we could create custom orders for 22-momme silk beddings in black, silver grey and baby pink, in addition to the colours we currently carry. We have a few more colour options in 32 momme silk beddings. Please message us for details.

Yes! We currently work with a supplier who specializes in 32 momme silk. Please message us for custom order details. They carry unique colours such as lavender, light gold and blueish grey in addition to our classic colours.

People's face sizes are often unique and not in direct correlation to their gender or height. The best way to ensure a good fit is: - Take a mask that you currently own and think to be a good fit. - Use a tape measure, following the curve of the mask to measure the fabric part: width (from left to right) and height (from top to bottom). - Compare the measurements with the measurements on our product pages.

As most platforms ban sellers from comparing our masks with medical-graded masks or commenting on their effectiveness, we cannot comment on this directly. However, our customers have left reviews on the blow test they did on our masks, particularly the double-layer and triple-layer masks. Please feel free to refer to their comments.

The filters are not washable. We are not medical professionals, but based on the information on the Internet, a filter should be replaced in 16-24 hours and should be aired out between uses.

Yes, most of our products are 100% mulberry silk. We have a few face masks that use 95% silk or 93% silk, in which case we have indicated the information in the Material section.

We recommend doing a burning test. Carefully pull out a piece of fibre from the fabric or cut off a very tiny piece of fabric from the inside of the item and burn it. If it burns to ashes, it is silk; if it burns to unbreakable small balls, it is synthetic. This method can be confirmed online by other sources.

Momme is the unit used to measure silk density. The denser the fabric, the higher the momme. Read our blog for more details.

Most of our items can be machine washed (put in a laundry mesh bag, wash on the delicate cycle, use gentle detergent and hang to dry), even though hand washing is recommended to maintain the lustre of silk. Read our blog for more details.


Yes, we are a Toronto brand and a small business registered in the Province of Ontario. Some of our products are made in our Toronto studio; others are designed in Toronto and made in China, where silk originally came from. We work with a factory that passed the OEKO-TEX test and has been tested for SMETA (responsible and ethical sourcing).

Welcome! We are more than glad to hear your ideas. Please reach out to us at: info@softstrokessilk.com.

We haven’t participated in any pop-ups yet, because most team members (including the owner) are introverts. To be honest, it’s just a little daunting to go out there and talk to everyone! We are open to opportunities, and hopefully one day we’ll gather enough courage to do a pop-up. Follow our Instagram to see updates!