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Sample: Navy Silk Long Sleeves Blouse | 19 momme

$199.00 $59.70

This navy silk blouse is made from 22 momme silk charmeuse, a luxurious and high-quality silk fabric. It has long sleeves, making it perfect for cooler weather, and a round collar that is both classic and sophisticated.

The blouse features a row of buttons down the front, with one open pocket on the left side of the buttons, adding a touch of practicality to the design. The buttons are visible, giving the blouse a subtle touch of elegance. This blouse is a unique style for our collection and is perfect for dressing up or down.

Why it's being offered as a sample: We are designing silk blouses. This is a style we later on decided not to carry.  

- Only colour: Navy

- Only Size: XL (please reference to our size chart picture)

- Material: 19 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk)

- Type of item: Sample

- Discount: 70%

- Imperfections: No imperfections

SKU: Categories: Tag: Sample
XL (please reference to our size chart picture)