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Sample - Burgundy Pure Silk Unisex Pajama Pants | 22 momme | 100% Mulberry Silk

$169.50 $49.99

This burgundy pajama pants is made from luxurious 22 momme silk charmeuse, a high-quality, lightweight fabric that is smooth, shiny, and drapes beautifully. 

Reason it's on sale: this is a custom order. However, after our tailor made these pants, she found a few parts of the silk is a little lighter than the other parts of the fabric. As a result, we are selling the pants at a deep discount.

Please note the pair of sample pants are burgundy; we added pictures of our beige silk pajama pants to show the structure of the pants, as we didn't take a professional picture of this custom order. Please refer to the large image for the true colour of the pants and the discoloration.

- Only colour: Burgundy

- Only Size: Small (please reference to our size chart picture)

- Material: 22 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk)

- Type of item: Sample

- Discount: 70% off

- Issue: A few discoloured areas on one side of the leg (Please refer to the last image)


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  • Small only
  • Please refer to the size chart in our last image