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Custom Pure Silk Sleeping Bonnet | Single Layer or Double Layer | 22 Momme Silk Charmeuse | Float Collection


If you have always found the bonnets on the market too small or too large, this listing is for you. Build a pure mulberry silk bonnet by choosing from over 90 colours and sharing your own head circumference.

Nestled inside the cool embrace of silk charmeuse, your waves and curls can move freely and won't deflate, tangle or frizz up. Silk is also kind to those with fine or fragile hair. As a protein fibre, mulberry silk keeps your hair hydrated, shiny, and bouncy. The sleek surface prevents breakage.

Start your customization by messaging us:
- Your preferred colour #
- Head circumference (where the edge of the bonnet touches your head)
- Optional: height of the bonnet, if you have a lot of hair or very short hair

SKU: Categories: Bonnets Tag: Beige , Black , Blue , Bonnet , Brown , Custom , Customized , Green , Grey , Multi , One Size , Orange , Pink , Purple , Red , Silk , Taupe , White , Yellow
Default Size with no customization request
  • Elastic is adjustable from 19.5'' (50cm) to 25'' (64cm)
  • Height from bottom elastic to top of head, when laying flat: 9'' (23cm)
  • Recommended for those with long hair

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