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Custom Made Pure Mulberry Silk Top | Regular Fit | 19 Momme | Soar Collection


Choose your colour or prints! Feel and look put together for work while you move around confidently. Stay cool all day. Keep it simple. Either tuck into high-waisted bottoms or let it be. Regular fit on top and tapered at the bottom.

Sure to be your summer staple for both casual and formal outings. The world is your oyster while you shine like a pearl and feel comfortable in your own skin.

What can be customized:
- Style. The listing is for mid V-neckline, flutter roll-cut sleeves fall loosely.
- Size. We need your measurements for height, shoulder width and bust. Alternative, you can choose from our size chart.
- Fabric. We usually use 19 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk); it’s thinner, less dense silk.
- Colour. We have more than 60 solid colours to choose from. If you’d like to go for prints, we could also search in the market. Additional fees may apply. 

- Message: please message us your ideas and preferences
- Consultation: we discuss the style, colour and fabric with you
- Shopping: we share the fabrics we find in the market with you. If you choose a solid colour, this step can be very quick
- Quote: we finalize the design and send you the price
- Payment: please note custom pieces are not refundable
- Production: we purchase the fabric - fabric shipped to us - tailor makes the tops (please note this can take 6-8 weeks depending on our tailor's workload)
- Shipping: we ship the final product to you

SKU: Categories: Tops Tag: 1X , 2X , Beige , Black , Blue , Custom , Customized , Favourite , Green , Grey , Large , Medium , Multi , Orange , Pink , Purple , Red , Silk , Small , Taupe , Tops , White , XL , Yellow
Please refer to the size chart in our last image