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Custom Made | Kimono Pure Silk Robe | Knee Length with Double Belts and Pockets | 22 Momme | Float Collection


Choose your colour or prints! This kimono inspired silk robe is a perfect gift. From a daughter to a mother; from a sister to a sister; from you to you. As you sway, feel ravishing with every step. Get ready to unwind in the splendid embrace of pure silk charmeuse.

- Three-quarter length wide square sleeves
- Wide belt that resembles a sash
- Contrast piping along the cuffs and collar adds details and sophistication
- A hanging loop to protect the material
- Inside tie to keep the robe from slipping open
- Deep, hidden vertical pockets for convenience

What can be customized:
- Style. We could make changes to this style. For example, sleeves can be narrower; robe can be longer.
- Size. We need your measurement for: height, shoulder width, bust, waist, hips. Alternatively, you can choose from our size chart.
- Fabric. We usually use 22 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk); however, 19 momme is also available if you prefer thinner, less dense silk.
- Colour. We have more than 60 solid colours to choose from. If you'd like to go for prints, we could also search in the market. Additional fees may apply.

- Message: please message us your ideas and preferences
- Consultation: we discuss the style, colour and fabric with you
- Shopping: we share the fabrics we find in the market with you. If you choose a solid colour, this step can be very quick
- Quote: we finalize the design and send you the price
- Payment: please note custom pieces are not refundable
- Production: we purchase the fabric - fabric shipped to us - tailor makes the dress (please note this can take 6-8 weeks depending on our tailor's workload)
- Shipping: we ship the final product to you

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Please refer to the size chart in our last image