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Pure Mulberry Silk French Scrunchie | Age of Innocence | Tiny Black Polka Dots on White Silk | 2 inch | 19 Momme | Brush Collection


This polka dot silk scrunchie reminds us of the young girls with bright eyes in Johannes Vermeer’s paintings. The print is timeless though. It would look good on any hair: blonde, black, brunette, grey and silver.

If something touches your hair, it better be silk. Treat yourself with this feminine silk scrunchie. Made from the finest grade silk, we chose a beautiful silk twill. Made in Toronto.


  • 95% long strand natural mulberry silk, 5% synthetic
  • 19 momme
  • Silk charmeuse
  • Extra thick elastic
  • Understand momme? Click here

    SKU: 0211000913 Categories: Scrunchies Tag: 2 Inch , Black , Multi , Scrunchie , Silk , White
    • Fabric width: 2 inch (5 cm)
    • Maximum stretch (elastic): 10 inches (26 cm)
    • Circumference inner side (unstretched): 6.7 inches (17 cm) (approximate)

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