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Custom Handmade Pure Silk Bralettes | Shallan Bras | No Padding No Wire | 19 Momme Silk Charmeuse


A bralettes style we spent 1.5 years developing. It is 100% silk, with more support under the bust and straps that can be worn straight or criss-cross. More importantly, this is a style that can be enjoyed by everyone - from A-cup to E-cup and above.

Based on our experience, here are the pros and cons of this style for C-up and above women:

- No padding, no wire. Very comfortable. It's like you are wearing nothing.
- Pretty. It's challenging to find beautiful bras for large cups!

- This bralette has more support than our regular bralette, but the support is still very minimum compared to bras with wires and built with stretchy synthetic material.
- There may be some gaping between the cups and your breast. So if you plan to wear a tight T-shirt, please keep this in mind.

To start your customization, message us:
- Style. Let us know if you'd like to make changes to the style, such as having wider straps
- Size. Either choose from our dropdown, or better yet, message us with your bust measurement and under bust measurement (without bras)
- Fabric. We usually use 19 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk). If you have a preference, please let us know.
- Colour. We have more than 90 solid colours to choose from. If you'd like to go for prints, we could also search in the market. Additional fees may apply.
- Please note the colours of the hook and clasp set are limited to: black, grey, pink, red, beige, light blue, light green and white.

Minimum order
- We start at one bralette for all colours.

Production Time:
- 4-6 weeks

SKU: Categories: Bras Tag: 1X , 2X , Beige , Black , Blue , Bralettes , Brown , Custom , Customized , Green , Grey , Large , Medium , Multi , Orange , Pink , Purple , Red , Silk , Small , Taupe , White , XL , XS , Yellow
Please message us your measurements.