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Tuscany Pink 32 Momme Silk 5-Piece Bedding Set in Queen Size

$1,048.50 $628.80

Because our Drape collection pillowcases in 32 momme have been so popular, we have received many customer requests to create 32 momme bedding sheets, which is very luxurious and hard to find in the market. We will officially open up custom order for bedding sets in Drape collection soon. Meanwhile, here's the bedding set we crafted for photography purposes. As you can see, these are absolutely beautiful.

Please note: these bedding sets are still being photographed and will be shipped in 3-4 weeks.

Material: 100% mulberry silk (32 momme silk charmeuse)
Size: Queen
Product Type: Sample
Condition: Brand new
Reason for sale: Photography Sample
Discount: 40% off

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    King Size
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