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Daffodils Pure Silk Long Sleeve Pajama Small (Top Only)

$199.00 $99.50

We had spring in mind when we designed these silk pajamas. Inspired by the first batch of daffodils, swaying in white and gold, right after the snow melts. The cut resembles an oversized suit jacket, while the cool, smooth silk embraces you like a caress, making them comfortable enough to wear at home and yet chic enough to wear out. Definitely not your typical silk pajamas.

Please note this listing is for top only. 
Material: 100% mulberry silk (22 momme silk charmeuse)
Size: Small
Product Type: Design Sample
Condition: Brand new
Reason for sale: When we designed the Daffodil pajama, we tested a few designs before arriving at a final decision. This is one of the designs we decided not to go with. It is actually very similar to our final design, just with a slightly wider collar.
Discount: 50%
Note: the price of this top is $199 (50% of a full set)

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  • Small
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