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Sample - Ivory Pure Mulberry Silk Top | 19 Momme

$139.00 $41.70

The top comes in a lovely ivory colour that is versatile and easy to pair with a variety of other colours and styles. The colour may have a subtle sheen that adds to the top's overall beauty and sophistication.


Reason it's on sale: we found a tiny stain and a small scratch on the top. 

- Only colour: Ivory

- Only Size: Small (please reference to our size chart picture)

- Material: 19 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk)

- Type of item: Sample

- Imperfection: Very small stain and scratch - please reference to the last picture)

- Discount: 70%

SKU: Categories: Tag: Sample
  • Small: Please refer to the size chart in the last photo
  • Please note: Silk has a natural elasticity. Tailored to fit snugly without spandex, these tops may look larger than your Lycra blend products when you hold them in your hands, but try them on and you will find they fit perfectly