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Sample - Handmade Pure Silk Bralettes | Shallan Bras | No Padding No Wire | 19 Momme Silk Charmeuse

$69.99 $48.99

This sample sale offers a variety of bralettes in different colours, all in size 38C. These bralettes are made from 19 momme silk charmeuse, a high-quality grade of 100% mulberry silk, which is known for its softness, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties.

The bralettes are designed with support under the bust, providing a comfortable fit that flatters your figure. The straps can be worn straight or criss-cross, depending on your preference, providing flexibility in styling.


Reason it's in sample sale: these are photography samples, meaning these are the exact items in our Shallan Bra pictures. Photographers handled them, but they have never been worn by a model. No stains or scratches.

- Colours:  1 Black, 1 Ivory, 1 Lilac, 1 Grey

- Size: XL (38C, 38D, 40C)

- Material: 19 momme silk charmeuse (100% mulberry silk)

- Discount: 30% off (Our regular Shallan bras are $69.99)

- Type of item: Sample

- Imperfection: No imperfection


SKU: Categories: Bras Tag: SALE , Sample
XL (38C, 40B, 40C)