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Pure Mulberry Silk French Scrunchie | Cabernet Sauvignon | Abstract Print | 2 inch | 20 Momme | Brush Collection


Like the light reflected in a wine bottle, the interwoven pink and purple prints on this silk scrunchie bring a sense of celebration.

This hammered silk satin has a unique texture. The surface has soft, little bumps, reminding us of bubbles in wine. Made in Toronto.


  • 100% long strand natural mulberry silk
  • 20 momme
  • Silk satin, hammered silk
  • Extra thick elastic
  • Understand momme? Click here

    SKU: Categories: Scrunchies Tag: Multi , Pink , Purple , Scrunchies
    • Fabric width: 2 inch (5 cm)
    • Maximum stretch (elastic): 10 inches (26 cm)
    • Circumference inner side (unstretched): 6.7 inches (17 cm) (approximate)

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